3 Of Rene Lalique’s Jewelry Pieces Adored

by D. Weinstein on Thursday, September 4, 2014


When it comes to refined and truly-adored jewelry, Rene Lalique is a well-known name.  Boasting some of the most exquisite jewelry pieces in all of the world, his collection includes ornamental combs, pendants and more.

Rene Jules Lalique started out as a French glass designer.  He created everything from chandeliers to perfume bottles.  It was during his early life that he learned and sharpened his first-rate glass making skills, and it was his traditional trips to Ay with his family during the summertime that largely influenced his naturalistic glasswork.

In 1885, he began making his own jewelry, and by 1990 he had become renowned for being a top Art Nouveau jewelry designer in France.  His innovative, and undeniably impeccable designs, made their way all around the world.

Many of Lalique’s jewelry art skills for designing and creating jewelry were learned at the Sydenham Art College.  Before opening his own business, he earned many years of experience within the jewelry industry as a freelancer.


His first pieces of jewelry that he designed were ‘based on traditional diamond-set designs.’  These pieces were originally sold to some of Paris’s most well-known jewelry shops, including Destape and Aucoc.  His jewelry pieces were highly praised because not only were they exclusively beautiful when compared to other pieces, but he strived to create them without solely relying on expensive materials.

Some of the more common materials that he worked with included:

  • Semi-precious stones

  • Glass

  • Pearls

  • Horn

  • Ivory

  • Enamels


3 Of Rene Lalique’s Jewelry Pieces Adored

Although any piece of Lalique’s is praised by jewelers from all around the world, there are three pieces that are truly adored.  These pieces include the Butterfly Nymph, Arcadie Necklace and Lada and the Swan.  Each piece is uniquely crafted with meticulous detail.

These three greatest pieces of his were complex in design, and drew heavily on landscapes.  The Butterfly Nymph was half dragonfly, half woman, yet also had butterfly wings.  There’s no denying that his best pieces were largely influenced by the Symbolist art movement.  Furthermore, it is undeniable that Rene Lalique’s contributions to the jewelry industry are anything less than completely revolutionary.

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