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Rene Lalique Auctions by David Weinstein

I’d like to welcome you to the DJL Lalique website. I look forward to presenting you with a variety of the most unique and beautiful works of glass art created by the famous Rene Lalique. You won’t find a more extensive collection of Lalique art anywhere else in the world. Browse all of our galleries to view Lalique Perfume Bottles, Car Mascots, Vases and Clocks.

We are a “private dealer” for all antique Rene Lalique glass. Be sure to call us before you sell or buy any item, because we offer the very best prices available anywhere.

Rene Lalique glass art has always been highly regarded and in the 1970’s and early 80’s it further separated itself from all other glass makers. A variety of auctions featuring Lalique started to appear. In fact, Phillips started the trend by devoting their entire auction to Rene Lalique works. Today, the trend continues with exclusive Rene Lalique auctions conducted by  Christies New York, the

Paris Drouot Auction House,  Bonhams in London, the New Jersey Rago Arts and Auction Center and Christies SK London.

Whenever you are buying Lalique pieces at any auction, it’s important to consider their condition. This can have a dramatic reflection on its value. Also, it’s important to understand that a buyer’s standard commission is in the 20-25% range.

Presently the highest price paid at any Rene Lalique auction was for an elegant “Lalique Fountain”. In November of 1991, David Weinstein bid and successfully purchased this fantastic piece for $1,100,000!

Current prices remain strong for all Rene Lalique glass works as well as jewelry. Every year, many Rene Lalique auctions are conducted worldwide which DJL Lalique participates in buying numerous pieces.

With my “35 plus years of expertise” I’ve participated in numerous auction galleries including: Christies, Sotheby’s, Phillips and Bonhams, W. Doyle, . I’ve also had the pleasure of working with many museums like the Lalique Company in New York and Paris, well known corporations, famous interior decorators as well as the top retail dealers worldwide. I also work privately with many clients in Switzerland, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Germany, Japan and England.

Being the leading dealer in Lalique objects, I’ve displayed my collections in many museum exhibitions such as the Museum of Modern Art Tokyo; the Museum Bellerive Zurich; Smithsonian Institute Washington D.C.; the Mode Museum Belgium; Museum des Arts Decoratifs Paris; Walter Arts Gallery Baltimore; Lowe Art Museum Miami; Museum Fur Kunst und Gerwerbe Hamburg and Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design New York as well as many others.

I’m constantly on the look out for individual objects or entire Rene Lalique collections to purchase. As previously mentioned, I have the record of purchasing the highest price Lalique item of all time at any auction. I have agents that work with me worldwide in various locations such as: Japan, California, England, France, and South America. They are always available to view your objects and have unlimited funds as well as the ability to pay you immediately for any item.

I specialize in Lalique artwork, however I’m also active in seeking and purchasing Le Verre Francois, Schneider, Argy-Rousseau, Daum Nancy, Charder and Galle. All of these fine pieces originate from the Art Nouveau and also the Art Deco periods. I’m also buying bronze and ivory statues in good condition made by Chiparus and Priess.

We’re looking forward to your inquiries and the opportunity you’ll have to receive our collecting expertise of all Rene Lalique Art as well as many of the most beautiful art pieces created by Rene Lalique in the world.


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