Cire Perdue

Cire Perdue.  The easiest translation is lost wax.  A technique which was used in metal casting which Rene Lalique used to create unique one of kind glass creation.  A mold was created in wax after it was encased in a plasterer type outer mold.  This was then placed in a highly heated kiln and baked.  The outer casting of the design was hardened and the inner mold of wax melts to create the finished design in the mold.  Used by Rene Lelique to create approximately 850 designs which about 125 known to exist.  Many of the pieces are in Museums collections, including the CalousteGulbankian Museum in Lisbon, Musee Des Arts Decoratifs de Paris, the Corning Museumsin New York, the Metropolitan Museum in NYC and a few in private collections around the world.  The finest private collection is actually owed by me,  David Weinstein.

Cire Perdue Galleries

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